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But, what are we?

Zemation. The word I now use to represent my Digital DNA. As the idea for Zemation grew in my mind it took on a mirror; Binary Me. It became a reflection of my thoughts, my my growth, things I was working on, writings that were completed and those still in the works. While not all of the pieces have fallen in to place yet, I should let this page just be a foundation for me a reflection of my thoughts, a list of my skills and more. Digital Me.

The Quicky

A Husband and Father

A Learner and Teacher

A Developer and Admin

A Pessimistic Optimist

Binary Reflection

An American Bastard

"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

Hitchens Razor

Lifelong Gamer

From Atari 2600 to Now

This game has take more free time from my life then I care to admit, but my love for story kept me coming back.

Before WoW there was Final Fantasy. For me this series started with the original Release of IV in the US and has carried through to most recently XV. The only two I have not actually played are II and XII.

Most recently, aside from FFXV I have been playing on Steam, including but not limited too, the Arkham trilogy, the Tomb Raider trilogy, Sleeping dogs and just acquired the Watch Dog series.

Creative Writing

Echo of Aether

My passion project. My story. My love. My Curse. Echo of Aether started out along time ago as a story for a jrpg style video game.

Since this it has morphed into an idea for a movie and finally I settled as a novel to best capture characters.

A projected 7 book fantasy novel series, world building has reared it's head as quite the undertaking.

Computer Nerd

From DOS to Linux

I've come to enjoy Fedora and for that reason it is what runs my Lenovo Yoga.

Much of my experience has been on CentOS 6 and 7. But I have dabbled in Debian distros such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. I have also installed Arch.

Before that I started dabbling with computers on DOS and systems running Windows 3.1. Moving up to Windows 95/98 and on to Windows 10, which currently runs my desktop.

Skills and Experience

Twenty Years in the IT Field

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CompTIA A+ Technician

LPI Linux Essentials


CompTIA Linux+

CompTIA Systems Support Specialist

CIW: Advanced HTML5 and CSS3


System Analyst

Monitoring and Reliability

Server Administration

Linux and Windows Professional

System Technician

Software and Hardware Troubleshooting


Programming and Scripting

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Infrastructure

Web Design

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4


Linux Academy

Ongoing study in Linux, AWS and DevOps


Enrolled: Bachelor's Cloud and Systems Administration


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